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Before Extrusion Press: Log Shear
Amazing Extrusion

Log Shear

Due to their long life and great reliability, our Log Shears are proof for the high quality, stability and durability of all REISCH products. While the shears’ core design has remained the same over the years, modern machines and variations are always built using latest technical standards.

Special features of the REISCH Log Shear

  • High performance > extremely large material throughput
  • Versatile possibilities within the automated machine chain
  • Low maintenance yet easy to maintain
  • Complete control systems designed by experts
  • Simplified operation
  • Guaranteed maximum machine availability

Realised Projects

7“ Log-(Rod-)Shear for SAPA Nenzing

This quite fast working hot-shear allows a very late shearing (more time for heat up). Of course also this – preferred vertical – design is equipped with divided shearing- and clamping shells.

7“ Log-(Rod-)Shear for SAPA Nenzing
Log Shear - Hot

Shear force 1500 kN und others, extremely solid machine body; robust dimensioned guides, solid pin stop, pin return slide, integrated feed and pin extraction transport.

Log Shear - Hot
Aluminium Log Shear 8”

The newly designed log-shear with a cutting force of 170 tons divides 8 meter long aluminium logs playfully into the desired billets.

Aluminium Log Shear 8”