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After Extrusion Press: Double Puller with Flying Saw
Amazing Extrusion

Double Puller with Flying Saw

REISCH combines its technical expertise in ropeway and special machine construction to a fully new concept; vertically suspended and wire rope operated pullers. The REISCH Double Puller – with or without flying saw – fits seamlessly into the existing environment and delivers guaranteed increase in production with maximum performance. Advantages: Entirely without torsion; smooth and uniform vertical movement. Optimal and fast processing from the development and design to the production, assembly and commissioning.

Special Features of the REISCH Double Puller

  • Extremely compact construction – specially designed for retrofitting and upgrading
  • Crossing of the two Pullers is pneumatically activated using a patented swiveling motion (low maintenance and extremely durable)
  • Smooth-running Puller carriages due to the long wheelbase (low wheel pressure even with high traction-forces, thus extremely durable)
  • Rope-drive from cable car manufacturer: Ropes’ life spans are more than 10 years ; no lubrication required
  • We have more than 20 years of experience (4 shift operation) with Double Pullers of this type including continuous technical development
  • 100 % satisfaction from all our customers to date

Realised Projects

A Double Puller with additional flying saw

A Double Puller with additional flying saw (at the same time with an additional Puller). In connection with the double puller it is possible to substantially reduce the waste rate and increase at the same time the productivity.

A Double Puller with additional flying saw
Patented Double Puller System

The REISCH developed and designed double puller: impressive through its simplicity and reliability. Solid, elastic guide rollers with long wheelbase, running on flat, twist and bending free carriageway. The distance between the supports is roughly six meters. The projecting puller head with lamella allows for feeding in the saw or shear.

Patented Double Puller System
A specially designed REISCH Double Saw ...

... can also be used instead of the freely positional Hot Saw. It is possible to fully automatically cut sample profile with these 2 saw blades during normal production operation.

A specially designed REISCH Double Saw ...