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Billet Loader

REISCH manufactures linear Billet Loaders as well as dynamic swiveling ones. We do not consider ourselves as an original equipment supplier initially, but far more as a particularly competent retrofitter, especially when an old and/or slow billet loader is to be replaced by a dynamic billet loader.

Special features of the REISCH Billet Loader

  • Long life time due to generous dimensions and the use of low maintenance components
  • Drive via a highly dynamic servo drive unit (electrical or hydraulic)
  • Extremely short loading/feeding times
  • Saving time through the use of an additional log saw or log shear

Realised Projects

Swinging Billet Loader 8” (22 MN)
Swinging Billet Loader 8” (22 MN)
Billet Loader with three axle manipulator

The development history of this billet loader further underlines the high flexibility of our company: Through the tight confirmed deadline, it was possible that REISCH could win the contract and the highly demanding project was indeed completed within the deadline.


Billet Loader with three axle manipulator