REISCH Maschinenbau
Zertifizierte Qualität und Verlässlichkeit

Certified and Awarded

At REISCH we rely on highest quality of our products and a strong relationship of trust with our customers. For this, verifiable quality control is a key factor. With objective certifications we are able to demonstrate that our products and processes fulfil highest requirements and quality guidelines.

EN 1090 EXC 3 for Steel Stucture Components

Since 2013 we have been certified to EN 1090 EXC 3 for Components for Steel Stuctures. The certification is sustained by regular monitoring and we are authorized for CE marking.

Since July 2014 all construction products on the market must be CPR (European Construction Products Regulation) compliant with declaration of performance and CE marking.

  • EXC 1 – buildings, preferably in the private sector, little passenger traffic
  • EXC 2 – standard steel structural engineering, steel construction up to 15 floors
  • EXC 3 – bridge construction, high-rise buildings, stages, dynamically loaded components
  • EXC 4 – large scale buildings with extreme consequences in the event of failure

EN ISO 3834. International Welding Standard

We are also certified to EN ISO 3438, an international welding standard. This standard sets the quality requirements for most welding tasks at the factory and on construction sites.

This certification is also sustained by regular monitoring. Important quality assurance principles are certified welders, qualified processes, welding supervision, verification of customer requirements, welding schedules, tests before/during/after welding etc.

Ausgezeichneter Lehrbetrieb 2024

Award for Excellence in Training Apprentices

Official award for our high standard in training our apprentices. This seal of approval has been continuously awarded to us by the regional government since 2013.

With this recurring certification we wish to illustrate the great importance training our young talents has for us.