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Scrap shears for aluminum but
Amazing Extrusion

Baff Shear – to shear off the aluminium rest

Compact, solid, cost saving and operator friendly. The Baff Shear from REISCH presents itself with superb references and large market demand. Branch experts know that a great amount of time can be saved during tool preparation, which in turn saves a great amount of money. REISCH has been manufacturing bud shears since 1986 and is continuously developing and optimizing new features and advantages.

Additional advantage: Shears show themselves to have an extremely quick amortization, as the shorn-off aluminium can be reused and is thus not wasted.

Special features of the REISCH Bud Shear

  • Shear-Power from 800kN up to currently 1.400kN (140 tons!)
  • Rapid shearing-stroke forwards and backwards
  • Automatic height measurement of the tool
  • Lifting of the shear blade during the return stroke
  • Safety against the die’s riding up
  • Heavy, solid slide Ø 305 or other
  • For constant or variable diameter

Realised Projects

Baff Shear

Baff Shear with a shear force of 800kN or other: Automatic adjustable table height, fast strokes - forwards and backwards, safe and simple operation.

Baff Shear
Baff Shear

A specially manufactured machine according to customer requirements: Shear force 1.000kN, Tool Ø 175 – 450mm, Die Height 30 – 300mm

Baff Shear
1.400KN for 700er Extrusion Dies

This so far largest But-Shear is a further development of our currently sold 24 (by 2019) separating devices.

1.400KN for 700er Extrusion Dies